Frequently asked questions: seasonal employment

In order to be timely informed, we bring you the list of frequently asked questions and answers.

  1. How do I apply for a job?

All prospective applicants can apply online, contact us by e-mail or personally come to Valamar Riviera’s offices on any working day.

  1. How does the selection process look like?

Online applications are automatically stored in our data-base, while e-mailed applications are processed and then stored. When new staff is needed, a selection is made and the candidates from the data-base who best meet the criteria for open jobs are contacted. In case of a selection process done in cooperation with the Croatian Employment Bureau, after a tour of the Bureau’s offices and interviews with candidates during the month of February, the relevant data is processed, and candidates receive feedback on potential hiring in March or April.

  1. How are room, board and travel costs settled?

Valamar Riviera organizes personal and private accommodations for all seasonal workers outside the Poreč area and Babin kuk, Dubrovnik, by contracting with external private renters, and it covers all costs in full. In Rabac, accommodations are ensured in Valamar’s facilities. During the period of employment, board is provided for all employees.

The cost of bus fare for all employees who exercise the right to accommodation is borne by the Employment Bureau at the location from which the employee travels, while the cost of return at the end of the season is covered by the employee. Employees who do not stay in provided accommodations are entitled to compensation of travel costs in line with the valid Collective Agreement. In Dubrovnik, all employees are entitled to compensation of travel costs to and from work in compliance with the valid Collective Agreement.

  1. What documents must I present when signing an employment contract?
  • A photocopy of your personal identification card
  • A photocopy of your bank account card
  • Personal identification number
  • Citizen identification number
  • Evidence of qualifications (certificate or photocopy of employment record book)
  • Confirmation of pension seniority, if one exists (secure confirmation from the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute or provide employment record book if there was no employment after this document’s validity expired)
  • Tax record file if in the possession of the unemployed individual (persons hired for the first time do not have a tax record file and must open one with the National Tax Administration)
  • Confirmation of joint household (if the person is parting with members of a nuclear family – spouse, children)
  • Birth certificate of child if younger than 15 years of age and insured through the employee


The information on the personal identification card and the tax record file must align. Insofar as the unemployed individual has a registered domicile, when enclosing photocopies to the employment application, the tax file must contain the domicile address.

When concluding the employment contract, the employee must have unemployed status (he/she cannot be registered for Pension and Disability Insurance or with the Croatian Health Insurance Institute under another employer) and may not have health insurance coverage under another person (e.g. health insurance under a spouse, etc.). Once the employee or family member applies to the Croatian Health Insurance Institute, the previous coverage is automatically terminated.

  1. What do I need when concluding a student contract?

If a student contract is being concluded for the first time, the following documents are necessary:

  • confirmation from university/college for the current year as evidence of student status or photocopy of transcript booklet showing enrolment in the current year
  • photocopy of personal identification card
  • paid enrolment in Student Centre (not valid for all student centres)
  • a photograph or student identification card
  • personal identification number
  • giro/current account number (Pula)

Students may complete the Student Questionnaire at the Student Centre’s website. If the student is already enrolled in the Student Service, he/she must extend the student card every year with evidence of student status, and enclose the documents specified above (except the photograph).