Valamar receives CSR Index Award for Diversity Policy and Human Rights Protection

Published 20. November 2018.

Valamar Riviera has received the CSR Index Award in the field of socially responsible diversity policies and human rights protection that is awarded by the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development and the Croatian Chamber of Economy. This valuable award was conferred to Valamar during the 10th CSR Conference.

“At Valamar, social responsibility is integrated in the business development strategy while this year we have especially focused on our employees whose commitment, innovation and work represent the key to long-term success. Valamar has guaranteed a HRK 5,000 minimum net pay to all its employees, seasonal and permanent, while the average salary was 27% above the industry average. We have invested over HRK 60 million in Valamar House – our seasonal staff accommodation – and we have also developed numerous rewarding systems, training programs and career development programs. All these activities show that we place much importance on caring for our employees, career opportunities and working conditions. Thus, our policies of diversity and the protection of human rights in a wider sense are a logical continuation of our practice,” said Ivana Budin Arhanić, Vice President of Business Development and Corporate Affairs at Valamar.

Valamar was the most desirable employer in Croatian tourism in 2018, and in the past three years the company created 2,300 new jobs and employed over 6,600 people in peak season this year.
According to Valamar’s business philosophy, a successful tourism is based on the development of a sustainable and socially responsible business focusing on investments in the development of products, employees and destination. Only in last year, Valamar invested over HRK 96 million in corporate social responsibility.