Applications and requests

Applications and requests

Valamar Riviera posts all of the terms and conditions for participating in its open donation programs on its website.

As part of its CSR programs, Valamar Riviera supports various projects and initiatives addressing the development of our destinations. This is achieved by raising the quality of life, education, sports and culture in local communities, by preserving of the environment of the Adriatic Sea and its coastline and also by advancing knowledge, skills and education in tourism. Valamar Riviera also supports charitable activities to help those in need, with particular emphasis on children.


During the period from 15 January to 15 March of the current calendar year, we are inviting all interested institutions, schools and associations to submit their projects addressing the following Valamar programs in written form:

  • Valamar's Big Heart
    Continual support to associations and initiatives in the local community which look after the needs of the most vulnerable and deprived members of society.
  • Enriching the Tourism Product
    This program supports cultural, culinary, educational and entertainment events, projects and initiatives, which enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of a given destination.
  • Developing Culture and the Arts
    Valamar Riviera provides continual support to the creativity of Croatian and international artists, as well as cultural initiatives and projects that have generated numerous works of art.
  • “Promoting Sports”
    Valamar Riviera organizes or supports numerous sporting events. They are organized in all of Valamar’s destinations, and their common objective is to develop the destination and promote sports and active lifestyle.
  • Knowledge to Excel in Tourism
    This program focuses on continual cooperation with vocational schools and universities. It contributes to the development of knowledge, expertise and education as well as the promotion of various professions in the field of tourism and hospitality.
  • Teaching Children About Tourism
    We support the development of various educational programs for pre-schools, elementary schools and related associations in order to familiarize the youngest generations with the fundamentals of tourism and hospitality.
  • Supporting Our Retired Colleagues
    Valamar Riviera supports retired colleagues and helps carrying out the activities of the “Rivieraš” association of retired employees in destination Poreč.
  • Preserving the Natural Beauty and the Environment Where We Work and Live
    This program originated from our belief that a preserved and attractive environment is the basic resource for tourism. This is why Valamar continually invest in the improvement of environmental protection and sustainable development.