Terms & Conditions for participation in the project Valamar storyteller

Published 22. February 2019.

For promotional purposes, Valamar Riviera d.d., address: Stancija Kaligari 1, OIB: 36201212847, as the organiser, is publishing a public call for participation in the project Valamar storyteller and related rules for participating in the project. By filling out the project participation application, the contestants unconditionally accept the following rules.

By filling out the participation application form the contestant enters the selection process for participants in the project Valamar storyteller. Participation implies the stay of the participant in arranged Valamar properties with the costs covered by the Organiser. In return, the participants cover the happenings in the property and the destination on their social network profiles as previously agreed with the Organiser. The participants bear the expense of arriving at the destination themselves.

1. The relationship between the Parties
The Influencer has to be 18 years old or above to be a part Valamar storyteller project and to be acknowledged as an independent contractor.
The Influencer acknowledges and agrees that his or her relationship with Valamar is that of an independent contractor. There is no employment relationship between Valamar and the Influencer.

2. Participant selection
The Valamar’s jury consists of three members from the Organiser’s office who are working on the Valamar storyteller project. Every member of the professional jury choose applicants based on the overall impression of the applicant and on the quality of interaction on the social networks listed by the applicant. Valamar Riviera reserves the right to subsequently invite influencers who did not answer the public call and to allow them to participate if an insufficient number of influencers who meet the project criteria apply until the expiry of the call.

3. Obligations of the Influencer in Valamar storyteller collaboration
The participants in the Valamar storyteller project are obliged to take part in the predefined activities organised by the Organiser with the obligation of activity and publishing content on the topic of a holiday at Valamar properties on his or her social networks/blogs and in the period from the first day of the influencer’s stay, according to the following criteria:
• a minimum of 5 posts related to the destination and the stay with the inclusion of the official hashtag Each Post must focus on the products or services received from the Valamar. The Influencer is obligated to post the Instagram Posts on Instagram using the hashtags and profiles or locations agreed upon the collaboration
• including the hotel’s official hashtag is obligatory for all participants’ Instagram posts
• tagging Valamar’s official Facebook and Instagram page is obligatory for all participants’ Facebook and Instagram posts
• if the participant has his or her own blog page, a blog post on the topic of the stay at the destination and in the hotel is obligatory
• the Influencer is not allowed to delete the Valamar content until 3 months after the collaboration has ended.

4. Obligations of the Valamar in Valamar storyteller collaboration
The Influencer will receive the services in upfront-agreed period.
The chosen participants will have the opportunity to visit the destination and to carry out cooperation with Valamar during the preseason (until 15 June 2019) and postseason (from 1 September 2019). The exact period and date of arrival and stay shall be agreed on in private direct communication

5. Duration and Termination of influencer collaborations
The call for participation in the project Valamar storytellers is carried out in the time between 01 March 2019 and 01 May 2019. All adult natural persons are eligible to participate in the project Valamar storyteller, irrespective of their country of residence.

6. Personal Information, Privacy Policy
By taking part in this project, the participants agree that the organiser may process their provided personal data and only the data required for accessing this project. The Organiser, as controller and processor, guarantees the protection of personal data in accordance with the guidelines on the protection of personal data. The project participant has the right at all times to request access to the collected personal data, to the correction of personal data, to cease participation in the project and to erase personal data.

7. Intellectual Property Rights
The Influencer grants Valamar the right to use the Instagram Posts as well as other material that may be generated according to this Agreement. We may use it for advertising and promotional purposes in marketing material, including but not limited to use in catalogues, magazines, websites, newsletters and social medias such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This usage right is not subject to any geographical restrictions and is valid for an indefinite period of time.
Furthermore, the Influencer agrees that Valamar is entitled in a fair manner to use the Influencer’s name and image in relation to PR purposes.

8. Confidentiality
The Influencer may not disclose, use or take advantage of any confidential information, which the Influencer may have obtained during the cooperation with Valamar. Violation of the obligations in this paragraph shall be considered a fundamental breach of contract and the Influencer may be held liable for damages caused thereby.

9. Disqualification
The organiser reserves the right to disqualify the participant during the application in the event of any illegal acts. The project may only be terminated in the case of circumstances that are not under the responsibility of the organiser, i.e. that cannot be predicted, prevented, eliminated or avoided. The participants shall be informed of the termination of the project via the official website Valamar Riviera

10. Dispute resolution
In the event of a dispute between the organiser and the participants, the parties shall resolve all disputes amicably, and if this is not possible, they shall be resolved by the court with subject matter jurisdiction determined according to the headquarters of the organiser.

11. General Terms and Conditions
By applying to participate in the project, the Participants automatically accept the current official Terms and Conditions. The Organizer retains the right to change these Terms and Conditions and all participants shall be duly informed.